Community ForumCategory: General Store SupportWhat can I do if I am unable to complete my purchase in the Datalogics Store?
Marla asked 9 months ago

When I attempted to buy PDF Alchemist -Pro I am not able to complete the transaction and the transaction is denied.  What actions can I take to attempt to resolve this problem?

Datalogics Staff replied 9 months ago

What web browser are you using? Are you on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone?

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Datalogics Staff answered 9 months ago

We recommend using the Chrome browser if possible.  Do you have any type of Ad-blocker enabled like AdBlock or AdGuard, if so try to disable them during the purchasing process. Also you can check with your network services support team and see if any restrictions are in place that would prevent purchasing over a web browser.  And it never hurts to double check that the card has not expired.