Community ForumCategory: GeneralWhat can I check if I have trouble purchasing products with my PayPal account?
Datalogics Support Staff asked 1 week ago

I’m not able to complete a purchasing transaction with my PayPal account.   What can I do to try and identify or resolve the problem?

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Datalogics Support Staff answered 1 week ago

We hade a few reports of problems with PayPal transactions.  If your having trouble we recommend checking the following two items first.

  1. Is a preferred payment method defined?    If not we  recommend setting one up.  PayPal offers a number of ways to pay, bank account, credit cards or your PayPal balance.  A preferred payment method can be selected after you login to your PayPal account, Click Wallet, Under Payment Methods  select your preferred method,  click “Make this preferred when paying online”.   The card or bank must be linked to your account before it can be selected.
  2.  Contact your card issuer to verify that the transaction has not been put on hold.  If it has determine why and address the issue.