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Kirk asked 4 months ago

We receive PDFs from customers that were generated in AutoCAD.  Later versions of AutoCAD will insert thousands of shx comments over objects in the drawings.  We want to remove the shx comments from the pdfs before we use them in our internal review process.
PDF Optimizer  “discard-comments-forms-multimedia”: “on”,
Will not remove the shx comments.

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Datalogics Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Kirk,

PDF Optimizer does not have the ability to remove SHX Comments inserted by AutoCAD. This could be a great enhancement suggestion, however! If you’d be willing to provide a sample PDF that has these comments we can submit it to our engineering department for consideration. Let us know and we’ll reach out by email separately.

I’d suggest that you look into if AutoCAD has an option to prevent SHX comments from being exported into the resulting PDF file.

This might be a lead:

Datalogics Support

Kirk replied 4 months ago

Sure – I can provide a few PDFs with SHX comments.