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thomasek asked 5 months ago

Can anyone help us with this:
resolution-too-low.trigger-dpi=150 upload pdf with 300 dpi pictures and it reports an error
resolution-too-low.trigger-dpi=600 upload pdf with 300 dpi pictures and it does not report an error
It seems like the functionality og the resolution too low trigger is totally opposite of what it says it is. we have example pdf’s.

resolution-too-high check is working as anticipated.

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Datalogics Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Thomasek,

Thank you for bringing this to us. Based on your description, there could be something erroneous happening. Would it be ok to contact you directly via the email on your account to obtain the PDF examples that you mentioned?

Datalogics Support

Datalogics Support replied 5 months ago

Yes. Please contact me by e-mail or phone and I will gladly send you example pdf files and configuration used. We are running the Linux version.