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Datalogics Staff asked 8 months ago
Why did PDF Checker stop processing my PDF document?
1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 8 months ago

When PDF Checker is scanning a PDF document, it will stop processing that document if that the file:

  • cannot be opened, because it has an invalid format or is not really a PDF document
  • happens to be protected with a password
  • turns out to be corrupted, and PDF Checker was not able to repair it

If you are running the system as part of a batch process, PDF Checker will skip the problem PDF document and move on to the next one to review.

You can also add a value to your PDF Checker command to immediately stop processing a PDF document when it finds a problem and move on to the next file. This saves processing time.

For more details on how PDF manages problem PDF documents, visit our Developer’s site.