Community ForumCategory: InstallationHow can I update a product after purchase?
Datalogics Support Staff asked 1 week ago

I noticed that a new version of a product that I purchased has been released.  How to I get an update?

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Datalogics Support Staff answered 1 week ago

You can obtain a copy of the latest release by following this procedure:

  • Be sure to make a safe copy of any scripts or JSON Profile Settings you may have created or changed.
  • Visit the Datalogics web site and navigate to the Shop > My Account  page.
  • Login using the same account you used to initially purchased your product.
  • After logging in you should see your purchase and corresponding download link on the left side of the screen under Subscriptions.
  • Click on the Download link for the purchased product you wish updated.
  • You will be shown the Product Purchase Confirmation page.  This page will contain new Download link for the current version of your product.

NOTES: On updating your product.
If you intend to update the product in place (not changing the currently installed location) simply install the new version.
If you intend to change the installed location, you must uninstall the current version.  When you install the new version you will be prompted for a license key and you may use the key provided with the initial product purchase.
Any time you uninstall a product that requires a key for installation you will need to apply the key again when the product is reinstalled.